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About Us

Our Candle story


We are excited to introduce to you to our collection of all natural candles. Hand poured in small batches, our candles are both beautiful and promote a healthier environment. We are passionate about our candles and have chosen to use only waxes that do not emit residual toxins or chemicals into the air as they burn. 

Our beautiful palm wax candles are made from cold pressed, food grade palm wax, extracted from the fruit of the palm tree which is a self-sustaining, renewable resource. The palm wax has a lovely crystallized pattern that reflects the light of the flame, creating a unique and pleasing glow.  

Our newest candle, made from high quality, all natural coconut wax is an excellent addition to our line, with its delightfully rich and creamy appearance and in the same great scents as our palm wax candles.  Our beautiful line of Essential oil candles also use our coconut wax along with our 100% pure essential oils to produces a soft, pleasing natural scent you will absolutely love. 

In partnership, we as a brother and sister team, along with our spouses, have spent several years perfecting these unique and special candles. We are family but also great friends who enjoy getting together to create, fun, new scents in our Lancaster Co. candle shop located on a working Amish Farm at the foot of the picturesque Welsh Mountains.

We are happy to offer these lovely, wonderfully scented, clean burning candles. Follow us on facebook and Instagram and look for some fun promotions and giveaways coming soon.